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Dec 23, 2018

nothing as frightening as a poisoned yerushalmi kugel

Yerushalmi Kugel can look pretty frightening to the uninitiated. It can take someone a nice amount of time to build up the courage to try it, though most people who try it once love it..

It is definitely frightening enough without having to deal with actual poison... According to Kikar, a kiddush in Beitar on Shabbos was tainted when it was discovered that the yerushalmi kugel was tainted..
for illustrative purposes only. this was NOT the poisoned kugel.
as far as I know.

After davening, when the food was brought out for kiddush, they started eating the traditional yerushalmi kugel and noticed a weird sharp taste. Shortly after, it became a vomit-fest.

The gabbaim of the shul went looking for the cause and discovered on the kitchen floor an empty spray can of k300 - an insecticide against cockroaches and other bugs.

Refuah Shleima to all the poisoned members of that shul.

Can you imagine anything more frightening than poisoned yerushalmi kugel?

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  1. Yes, poisoned potato kugel or cholent

  2. lukewarm potato kugel is even scarier, but it doesnt look scary

  3. I sometimes enjoy a gross joke, but this is not the time. People could have died. I hope they find the culprits, be it adults or mischievous kids and punish them appropriately.


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