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Dec 17, 2018

free Christmas trees in Jerusalem

As in years past, the City of Jerusalem will be distributing free Christmas trees to residents celebrating the holiday. The distribution will take place this Thursday (for details, if relevant, see Janglo).

I am surprised there are only 250 celebrating Christians in Jerusalem, but that's what it says. Maybe 250 is the city's limit on the free distribution and everyone beyond that has to go buy their own.

I have no problem with the City of Jerusalem being involved in this, though some people do. My only issue is why distribute Christmas trees for free and not Hanukkah menoras or matza for Pesach? Or maybe free lulav and esrog for Sukkos? I don't know what equipment Muslims need for their holidays (besides sheep?), but maybe they should get something free as well...

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  1. I think that the trees are from the JNF who need to cut back the forests each year by removing weaker trees and giving space for the stronger trees to grow, so they are probably free as they would be discarded anyway, and I assume that 250 trees is all that they need to cut back without damaging the forests in the Jerusalem area.

  2. AND - In Modi'in, and other cities, the city does distribute free palm branches for Schach when they trim the Palm trees before Succot each year, so Jews in some parts of the country do can get something free for the holiday.

    (In Modi'in because of the limited number of branches available, they are only available for residents of the city and there is a limit how many each family can take)


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