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Dec 17, 2018

Proposed Law: expelling families of terrorists

Minister Naftali Bennett and Mk Motti Yogev (Habayit Hayehudi) have proposed a law that would allow the government to expel the families of terrorists.

The catch is really where they will be expelled to.

INitially they tried to pass the law to allow the government to expel the families to Gaza, but after that did not pass on a number of attempts, they changed it to expel them from their villages/towns and relocate them to others parts of Judea and Samaria.

PM Netanyahu opposed the proposal, as does Attorney General Avihai Mandelblit (mandelblit says this will bring problems with the international court in the Hague for war crimes), but Bennett would not postpone the vote on this any longer and pushed it through, with the vote passing unanimously. This is what can happen with a  government of 61..

The right to expel will apply to the family of a terrorist who committed an act of terror, or tried to, within 7 days of the incident, for the purpose of deterrence.

The vote on this passed in the ministerial committee and will be brought before the Knesset for passage.
source: Maariv

I am pretty confident this will almost never be used, except perhaps in the most extreme acts of terror. Hopefully the possibility of it being used will be enough deterrence on its own. The law should, if anything, allow the government to expel them from the country, not just to another area within Judea and Samaria. The way Yitzchak Rabin did when he dumped 400 terrorists on a mountain in Lebanon.


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  1. Will Jews ever be classified as terrorists for the purposes of applying this law? Or is Israel trying to prove that it actually is apartheid?

  2. what does apartheid have to do with anything. dealing with terrorists is not the same as dealing with people who have done nothing wrong

    1. Treating different populations in different ways under the law is part of apartheid. Israel has a pretty bad track record of this when it comes to the conflict. Jews are treated much more lightly, overall, than Arabs, but it's not enshrined in law. If this law is not applicable to Jews, it would be a discriminatory law that brings Israel much closer to actual apartheid than it is today.

  3. I would ask Avi 'why is he living in the apartheid state?' The least the government should do is destroy their homes (they're terrorists!).

  4. I would ask Avi 'why is he living in the apartheid state?'

    Avi isn't living in one, and he doesn't want to. Which is why Avi is wondering how this law will be applied. Enshrining such a law that only applies to Arabs would be actual apartheid.


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