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Dec 31, 2018

Quote of the Day

We did not think we would get 20 mandates in the first polls [since forming the new party], we are working towards double-digits of mandates.. The next prime minister will be Benjamin Netanyahu and we definitely want to be central partners in his government... I expect that this will be Netanyahu's last term as prime minister, he is not young anymore and he has many investigations open on him..

  -- Justice Minister Ayelet Shaked

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  1. I was hoping that this new party would at least try to bring something new to the table.

    A vote for Likud is vote for whoever Bibi happens to cobble together into the coalition. A vote for any other party (aside from Zionist Union and UAL) is a vote for Bibi. That is the reason the system is broken.

  2. yes, and it is one of the problems of coalition governments, especially when the parties are run like mafias, so one person in each party holds all or almost all the power. Nobody in the Likud can replace Bibi because he is the most powerful person in the likud and the other parties are too small to replace him outside of the Likud

  3. There were opportunities for Likud to groom future leaders. Bibi has used his political cunning to make sure those people did not have an opportunity to develop their skills and more importantly build political clout.

    Historically, when a party is lead by a charismatic leader that essentially becomes the party, when the leader retires the party is in trouble. I think that is why we are seeing the fragmentation on the right. Everyone is still scared to run against Bibi. They sense his reign coming to an end. They are positioning themselves for that event.


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