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Dec 27, 2018

Quote of the Day

UTJ has the potential of 10 mandates. I hope that what happened in Bet Shemesh won't happen in the Knesset. The votes of 500 fools that decided to not vote for Abutbol, or to vote for a different candidate, caused a day of crying for generations to come, irreparable damage..

  MK Yisroel Eichler

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  1. Well, I'll tell you one thing: If the leaders continue to regard those who "voted out" as fools, ignoring their legitimate concerns, they will not get those votes next time either.

  2. While I am sure those who actually lost the elections may be crying, I haven't heard a single person crying about Abutbol losing. Not even those I know voted for him. Heck, I think Abutbol is happy he lost, too!

  3. And as long as we have fools like Eichler who spew out their sinat chinam all the tine, we will be crying for generations

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