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Dec 17, 2018

Yair Netanyahu gets himself in Facebook jail

The news has reported and made a big deal that Yair Netanyahu, the son of, has been suspended from facebook for his recent calls for expelling Arabs from Israel...

You aren't anybody until your Facebook account has been suspended, so maybe now he will have some authority behind is statements.

In the meantime, until Yair gets back online and in our faces, so many people are proud of him and of what he said and are saying he should be the future prime minister (next? in 20 years?)

Yair has never really done anything, besides for being the son of Bibi. He has not done anything for the public, he has not led organizations or movements. He really has been nothing but the son of Bibi. I am not sure why so many people think he is qualified to be a prime minister just because he said one thing they happen to like.  He seems to be more of an entitled loudmouth rather than someone with actual leadership qualities, though I admit I don't know him well or about him enough...

Anyways, if he takes after his father at all, he will probably say a lot of policy statements that he never intends to keep... Maybe that is really what right wingers actually like - just the appearance of being right wing, and not actually implementation of policy...

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  1. How is Bibi's son becoming Prime Minister any different than a Rebbe's son becoming the Rebbe?

  2. 1. who said I think it is any different? :-)
    2. subjectively, Netanyahus work within a democracy. The son needs to be elected on his merits, not just because he is a son. Rebbes are the heads of their group. Their system includes the chosen successor, generally a son. One could say the followers of the rebbe have signed on to the fact that after the rebbe dies or leaves, the son takes over.


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