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Dec 26, 2018

Put Your Ego Aside

MK Tzippi Livni (Hamachane Hatzioni), like all the MKs, is starting to prepare for elections. With Livni it might involve deciding in which political party to run this time, as she has moved from party to party over the past few elections. For the meantime she is still holding her bloc with Labor as Hamachane Hatzioni, but that can change at any time.

While they prepare for elections, Livni yesterday evening called up all the leaders of the left and center to form greater blocs and alignments in order to win the upcoming elections. She specifically called upon Avi Gabbay, head of the Labor party, among others, to put his ego aside for the greater good of putting the party first and winning the elections.

I find "put your ego aside" to be very similar to calls for "achdut" - unity. When people call for achdut, they almost always mean do it my way for the sake of unity. Only rarely do they mean I will do it your way, and even less frequently do they mean let's find a way together that might not be perfect but would be beneficial to everyone.  "Put your ego aside" means move over and let me rule. It does not mean I will put my ego aside. Better you than me.

So, Mr Gabbay, put your ego aside for the greater good, or at least for Tzippi Livni's good.

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1 comment:

  1. Livni is a classic example of a washed out politician that will not go away. Unlike the others she has found a way to gain more political clout than she is worth. She took Kadima's money and left to form her own political party. She wasn't going to make it over the minimum threshold, so she formed an alliance that leaves her currently sitting at the head of the opposition.

    I am sure 'put egos aside' means have her lead the coalition block. She already has experience in what doesn't work when negotiating a coalition agreement.


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