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Dec 26, 2018

Quote of the Day

Unfortunately there are political parties whose outlook one cannot keep track of. Last week we saw the "flik flak" of Yair Lapid. I will tell you what happened there. When the Defense Ministry's Draft Law proposal was presented, Yair, as usual, jumped on the wagon and claimed it was his, despite the fact that every child knows he was lying. After a few hours, with the help of his media advisers, he understood he had made the mistake of his life as he has nothing left to sell. He now won't have anything to incite about and to run his hatred campaign in order to reach the seat of Prime Minister..

  -- MK yaakov Asher (UTJ) criticizing Lapid for not supporting and passing the Draft Law proposal, leading to early elections.

interestingly, Lapid still continued to say the bill is his (whether he is lying or not I dont know) - meaning, it is practically the same bill he had proposed - and it is a good law. He did not support it because he claimed the prime minister had worked out a deal with the Haredi parties to circumvent the sanctions in the law and funnel money to them another way, if they should not meet the quotas as detailed in the law. So he did not backtrack, flik flak, on the issue, but had a different problem with it.

More interestingly, Asher is criticizing Lapid for not backing a bill that UTJ was not backing either. One could claim the same flik flak from UTJ - pushing and pushing for the bill to be passed but then abstaining and voting against in the actual vote.

Naftali Bennett's opposition to the bill made the most sense - Bennett said he would not vote for the bill because if UTJ is not, he will not, as this is for them, and if they don't want it, he won't force it on them, and he does not want them to blame him later for the draft law.

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