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Dec 19, 2018

buying Gaza Envelope Beer to support victims of terror

Israeli brewery, Alexander Beers, in conjunction with the farmers of the "Gaza envelope" region, have decided to produce beer from the wheat grown in the areas near the Gaza border that survived the recent terror attacks in which many fields were burnt to the ground.

There was so much destruction and the farmers were hurt so much by the destruction rent on their fields. The area produces almost all the wheat grown domestically - to the tune of about 175,000 ton per season on about 45,000 dunam of land. This year 7,000 dunam of land growing wheat went up in flames to the Gazan kite and balloon terror. Alexander Beers took the remaining wheat to produce the new line of beer.

The new line of beer produced form this wheat will be called "Bira Otef Aza" - Gaza Envelope Beer - and all the profits from the sales of the beer will go to the farmers of the area who have suffered so much from the terror.
source: Ynet and Kipa

I hope it will be sold locally so I can support these victims of terror by buying beer!

This is a wonderful initiative by the Alexander Beer people. Kol Hakavod!

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