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Dec 23, 2018

Interesting Psak: sleeping in kollel

A Rosh Kollel sent a question to Rav Yitzchak Zilbershtein, saying that he runs a respected kolel with about 15 serious and God fearing avreichim who are studious and diligent in their learning. One of the avreichim had a troubled and difficult childhood that deeply affected him and baruch hashem he was able to overcome it and establish a beautiful family, with a wife from a similar background. Today they have 4 young children.

This avreich has special character traits and is God fearing, but because of issues and disturbances with his family, he misses learning sessions in kollel and sometimes when he comes he comes late, and often falls asleep during the learning sessions.

The rosh kollel says he spoke to the avreich about it and the avreich explained that he is mentally worn out and even going to sleep early at night has not helped and he is always tired - which is why he misses so often, comes late and falls asleep while learning. The family gets no financial help from their families and whenever the wife has to go out, he has to stay home to watch the children. He trusts the avreich completely and mentions that all the problems are due to this "oness" - extenuating circumstances.

The Rosh Kollel then asks Rav Zilbershtein what to do  on the one hand it is a small kollel and one avreich coming late, missing, sleeping, etc can have a detrimental effect on the others. As well, other avreichim are trying to get into the kollel but he cannot accept them due to funding, but this avreich is using up a spot that can be better used by others. On the other hand, this avreich is God fearing and likely won't be able to find another kollel to learn in. So, the Rosh Kollel asks, can I throw this avreich out of my kollel and send him to look for another place?

Rav Zilbershtein responded that he should definitely have the avreich leave the kollel, but the stipend should continue to be given to him, though not at the expense of the kollel. If an avreich comeslate or misses learning in kollel and it can cause a weakening in other members of the kollel, he must be removed from the kollel, but the rosh kollel should try to arrange a stipend for him.

I would guess that means if there is some extra money or if the rosh kollel can persuade a local tzedaka organization to sponsor a stipend or find funding from elsewhere outside the kollel's bank account...
source: Kikar

I wonder if he was sent to a doctor to be tested for Mono, or to a psychologist to see if he needs medication for depression - uppers or whatever. Maybe he has problems that need to be dealt with before they get much worse...

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