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Dec 20, 2018

Quote of the Day

I started keeping kosher.. Rabbonim have allowed me to put in my mouth food that is mixed with meat and milk, but not to swallow, though not to do that with shrimp and pork..

  -- Michal Ansky, gastronomist and food journalist, and Master Chef judge

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  1. I don't know whom her Rabbi is, but meat and milk is an issur hana'a, while pork and shellfish are not. It would seem to me that, if anything, it should be the other way around...

  2. since it is an issur hana'a, she should not be able to be on the cooking show at all (and get a salary for it) even if she does not put it in her mouth?

  3. I just read an article about the interview in which she said this. She explained that she is not religious and is not becoming a baalas teshuva. She says she comes form a traditional family and has always kept basics like not eating pork and shrimp, and lighting candles friday night. That being the case, I am not sure why she went to a rabbi to ask, if she really did, about the milk and meat rather than deciding for herself that it is ok because she isnt really eating it..

  4. The things one reads, it seems it gets stranger and stranger. I think the internet brought out every crazy and weird thing that is so not necessary for everyone to know. That's why we have a crazier world today more than ever.

  5. First of all, it is established in Shulchan Aruch that the issue hanaah only applies if the mixture is deoraysah -- which means they had to be cooked together. So cold milk and cold meat mixed are not assur be hanaah, although they are assur to eat.

    But the whole supposed psak sounds wrong. It is forbidden even to have milk and meat together on the same table (unless you have a hekker, like different table cloths). So I cannot see how this could possibly be permitted.


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