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Sep 22, 2019

2019 has the Non-Zionists becoming Zionists

In 2019 we are seeing, what might be a move to the extreme, or it might just be opportunism, or it might be a change in culture.

During the most recent elections of 2019, the Haredi parties, always previously classified as non-Zionists, signed a document stating their commitment to shleimut haaretz - to doing their part to protecting the completeness of the Land of Israel by opposing any attempt to give away land in a future peace deal with Palestinians. This was really all that was missing until now from their efforts, as they already had the commitment to the torat yisrael and to am yisrael, missing only eretz yisrael. Adding eretz yisrael to their portfolio really puts them in the Zionist camp, even if they still might be reluctant to use the name.

On the other hand, they signed the document in order to entice chardal groups of voters feeling a lack of a political home to see them as a potential political home and to vote for them. And it worked.

So, was it just opportunism? They simply did what it took to pull in a few thousand votes? Are they truly abandoning the non-zionist approach and getting more involved in Zionism? It seems unclear as to the motives, but a signed contract is a signed contract.

As well, the Arab parties are seriously considering, for the first time ever, recommending to the President an Israeli Zionist Jew for prime minister. not just an Israeli Zionist Jew, but someone who was a general in the IDF and the Chief of Staff.

Perhaps they too are becoming more Zionist and want to be involved in building their future in the State of Israel as active participants. Even if they are not yet ready to embrace the title.

Or perhaps it is simply opportunism. They see the chance to get rid of Netanyahu, they see the chance to obtain promises for improving the lives of Israeli Arabs by investments in infrastructure and Arab culture. Let us not forget that Aymen Odeh, head of the United Arab List also said during the campaign that he would consider even joining a government coalition, should he be invited to, under certain circumstances. Whether it happens or not is less important (though if it happens it would be a major step forward) for this discussion than the statement of intentions.

I would be remiss if I did not point out that some non-Zionist haredi also went to the other extreme in 2019 becoming very close to Anti-Zionist groups. The Peleg continued their protests against Israel and the IDF and have taken increasingly more extreme positions and in some cases are beginning to connect with Satmar and even to refuse State monies for their schools. Perhaps they have sensed the general Haredi street moving closer to Zionism and have gone the other way as a safeguard, or as a reaction.

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1 comment:

  1. It wouldn't be the first time that the Arab parties recommended an ex-general Zionist Jews as PM, the recommended Rabin back in 1992


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