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Sep 25, 2019

the Haredi father paying child support: we were never prepared for such sums of money (video)

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  1. 1500 nis alimony for 10 kids is a pretty sweet deal. That's 150nis per kid per month for food, school supplies, clothing, specialists & therapies and hygiene/house supplies. Seems really on the low side, actually.
    That's an awfully nice apt he's in.

    1. The caption is unclear. He's saying the דיינים, or rather the communities leaders have raised him to not learn a trade but raise a family of ten. And now they all of a sudden declare him responsible to support the kids. He only has two kids, but had he remained married he would have had to support them with the tiny kollel stipend- less than what the דיינים are demanding now.

    2. he says a couple time she isnt talking about his own situation. he only has two kids, and he is working (though it sounds like he is working on a low paying job). He is saying theoretically, families are encouraged to have lots of children and not work, and even if while everything is normal and stable it somehow works out, suddenly something changes and goes wrong and the necessary money is astronomical compared to what was before

    3. He didn't say total 1500 Alimony, he said about 1400 child support PER CHILD - i.e., he will need to pay about 3000 support for his 2 daughters, which he agrees is fair. His complaint is that the Haredi leadership know that the cost of support for a child is at least 1400 / month - they know this as this was a ruling from Haredi Dayanim in the family court, yet the Haredi system educates it's young men that you don't need to learn a trade as the 1500 stipend from Kollel is enough to support a family, even a family of 7 or 10 children.

      His complaint that the system is based on a lie which their leadership openly admit when they are judges in court.


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