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Sep 19, 2019

blessings to the new MKs, especially from Bet Shemesh

Blessings to all the new MKs to be serving in new term of the Knesset, alongside the veteran MKs. Blessings especially to the MKs from Bet Shemesh - Keti Shitreet in the Likud, Moshe Abutbol in Shas and Omer Yankelovitch in Kachol Lavan.

Jpost has an article in which they interviewed some prominent "Anglo" citizens of Bet Shemesh about Abutbol's entry into the Knesset.

The sentiment transmitted in the interview seems to be that Abutbol was not a particularly good mayor, had problems being connected to extremism, was not helpful to residents across the spectrum, but hopefully as MK he will do better and help everyone and anyone who approaches him for help and hopefully he will help Bet Shemesh whenever a Bet Shemesh related issue might arise in the halls of Knesset.

Way to rally for his support. Dis him completely, talk about how bad he was, and then say you hope he helps. Sure, that's the way to get him to help. Hopefully his lack of English will mean he likely won't see the article, and hopefully nobody else will show it to him.

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1 comment:

  1. Moshe Abutbol was a good mayor. The city grew incredibly under his leadership and functions well for a city in Israel. These references to extremists are very ignorant. In Israel, everyone is called an extremist. That's the standard charge for anybody who is different from you.


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