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Sep 24, 2019

oops, the phone scam that put egg on the Likud face

I am not a big fan of these radio talk show hosts pulling fast ones over politicians they call and try to play on the phone as if they are someone else. Usually it is relatively innocent, stupid as it might be, and for a few minutes the guy on other end of  the phone thinks he was called by someone he wasn't, but no big deal. I find them usually pretty stupid and pointless. And they often then make fun of the target for falling for it, which also makes no sense to me because how was the person supposed to know or why would he assume it wasn't the person the caller was claiming to be.

But anyways. The prank calls happen, and they happen all over the world. Some people find them funny.

And sometimes something gets accidentally revealed because the callee thinks he is talking to someone he is supposed to tell something to.

Sure enough, this happened today when two radio talk show hosts from Radio Kol Hai called an Arab MK, Abid Al Hakim Haj Yicheyeh, claiming to be the Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. They discussed issues relevant to the Arab sector, promising to stop discrimination in exchange for his support..

It was unexpected when the outgoing MK commented that the PM's assistant Natan Eshel and MK Miki Zohar have met with them in the past and with MK Mansour Abbas and revealed that they discussed cooperation for dissolving the Knesset in exchange for promises of support for the Arab sector.

Oops. Pretty embarrassing for the Likud and Netanyahu, after Netanyahu accused Gantz of being what might be thought of as the closest thing to a traitor when Gantz horse-traded with the Arab MKs passage of a law for them in exchange for their recommendation of Gantz to Rivlin... and it turns out the Likud themselves has recently been horse-trading with them as well...

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