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Sep 11, 2019

Kubi has gotten boring

I don't get Ron Kubi and his campaign for the Knesset. He hardly has much of a campaign going, at least that i can see. All the parties are putting out slogans and campaign videos and responding to events and situations with statements.

I don't see any of that from Kubi. The only videos I see him put out are his selfie videos that pretty much all look the same. His entire campaign seems to be going from city to city and getting into pathetic arguments with a handful of bored Haredi teenagers and documenting it to his Facebook page. I am not sure why he thinks that is either mature or will be enough to propel him into national office.

For a guy who ran a successful campaign as an underdog to become mayor of Tiberias, one might think he would have a decent campaign going. For a guy who talks so much, one might think he has something to say that voters might be interested in hearing. Kubi has been boring me lately, and I was so looking forward to an exciting campaign from him. I dare say, Kubi has gotten boring, and even pathetic.

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  1. There is too much traffic in the "We hate the chareidim" lane for him at this time.

  2. Campaigning costs money. Just ask Zehut. I guess he couldn't find a way to be justify Bibi buying him out of the election.


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