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Sep 15, 2019

Benny Gantz aint no Moses

Earlier I posted the Quote of the Day with Benny Gantz comparing the fact that he has a stutter or stammer in speech and the ability lead with the fact that Moshe had a stammer as well but was a great leader. I thought it was funny of him, and of course he was not comparing himself to Moshe, the greatest of all time, but was suggesting that a stammer need not be a hindrance to leadership. It was a cute comparison.

The MKs of UTJ have all expressed their shock and outrage at Gantz's comparison, accusing him of being haughty and comparing himself to Moses..
1. Yaakov Asher said he had tremendous chutzpa comparing himself to Moses but just like Moses never reached the Promised Land Gantz will not achieve his dream and will not become Prime Minister.
2. Yisrael Eichler responded that Moses went with his brother Ahron to bless the Jewish people out of love, while Gantz went with Balaam to curse the jewish people out of anger
3. Yaakov Litzman said he was shocked to hear the insulting and superfluous comparison made by Benny Gantz between himself and Moshe Rabbeinu - Mr Gantz, take your shoes off before speaking about the holy people of our nation

They take everything just a little too seriously and a little too far.. We all know Benny Gantz ain't no Moses, and I don't think he was claiming to be...

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