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Sep 12, 2019

a halachic state or not

Among us religious people many of us say we want the State of Israel to be a halachic state. Maybe we don't have enough power to do it yet. Maybe there arent enough religiosu people yet for it to happen. The goal though is for Israel to become a religious and halachic state, at some point. Some of us say it, or believe it, or say we believe it, even if deep down we really dont want it (because we like our freedom to choose, or whatever other reason it might be). But we say it. We either really want it or we say it because we think we are supposed to.

Aryeh Deri, Minister of Interior and head of Shas, just said on the radio "enough of all the spin - we do not want a medinat halacha - a halachic state".

There you have it gentlemen. You do not need to feel obligated to want a halachic state or feel obligated to say you want a halachic state. The cat is out of the bag. It is fine to want Israel to be a Jewish state without aspirations of turning it into a halachic state run by rabbis you dont want telling you what to do.

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  1. A "halachic state" can and must mean only one thing -- a state that is run by the Sanhedrin. There is nothing else that it could possibly mean.

  2. I think that the desire to turn the Zionist State into a "Halachic State" is one of the differences between the Religious Zionist community and the Haredim. The Merkaz/Chardal elements of the RZ community see the Zionist State as a stepping stone to an eventual Halachic State, whereas the Haredi community don't see the Zionist State as different from any other Galut Jews lived under, and as long as they treat the religious community fairly have no desire to change the way the state is run.

    So I would expect someone like Betzalel Smotritch to push towards a Halachic State, not Shas or Aguda.

  3. There is a "Halachic State" and there is the immoral anti-religious monstrosity that the nationalist parties represent.

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  5. Maybe we should all remember that it will really only be a "halachic state" in the days of Moshiach. I think it is impossible to have a halachic state now for the reason that we are not in agreement that it should be a halachic state. This is "the first flower of the redemption," but this is not yet the "Third Commonwealth" that we anticipate. In 1948 we were granted the first opportunity to have a Jewish state since the destruction of the Second Temple in 70 CE. Although the conditions permitted Israel to be a Jewish state in many senses of the word, this did not follow that it would be a completely halachic state, and understandably so, the wishes of the Haredim and others notwithstanding. There will be a time when Israel will truly be a halachic state, but this is not that time.


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