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Sep 16, 2019

Rally the Voters!

in one of my "haredi breaking news" whatsapp groups, the following blurb was posted:
המוקד: בהוראת גדולי ישראל; ישיבות קטנות וגדולות ואברכי הכולל יוצאים בשעה הקרובה להשתתף בעצרת בבית החיים בבני ברק במעמד גדולי ישראל להצלחת המערכה מחר. 
As per the instructions of the gedolei yisrael: students in yeshiva ketanas, yeshiva gedolas and avreichim in kollel should all go within the coming hour to participate in the election rally in the Bnei Braq cemetery along with the gedolim, for the purpose of success tomorrow.

(this is humor, for some who might not catch it)
for some communities an election rally in the cemetery is perfectly appropriate, to rally all the voters and encourage them to go vote, even the dead voters!

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