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Sep 23, 2019

Netanyahu's plan for failure

There is a lot of speculation as to various scenarios that might or might not happen in the coming days and weeks. One never really knows if the next crazy possibility mentioned is realistic or someone's fantasy or crazy idea - at least you don't know until it happens, if it happens.

Here is an interesting one though.

Ynet is reporting that Netanyahu is now working to get selected first by President Rivlin to try to form a coalition, but he has no intention of actually trying to form a coalition - he knows that this is at a stalemate and won't happen. So, Netanyahu's plan is to simply be first but to hand it back to Rivlin after a few days (instead of holding the mandate for 28 days plus the 14 days extension) with a statement that he tried but was unsuccessful. At that point Rivlin would give the mandate to Gantz to try to form a coalition.

The idea behind this is that at that point Gantz will also fail to form a coalition, and when the country goes to elections because no government was formed, it would be remembered by the public as Gantz's failure rather than Netanyahu's. Add to that the proximity of it happening extremely close to the disciplinary hearing scheduled for Netanyahu that might lead to an indictment, and Netanyahu, supposedly, feels good about letting Gantz be the failure in the news at that time.

This may or may not be true, we'll find out in due time, but it is interesting. I just don't get what Netanyahu gets from that, should it play out this way, unless he is doing it purely to help the Likud as he himself will be out of politics if the hearing leads to an indictment. Also, he must think the people are idiots and that they will forget that Netanyahu failed first, and for the third time.

It is a wild theory. I love some good political chaos, so I would not be disappointed to see what tricks Netanyahu has up his sleeve, whether this or some other convoluted scheme.

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  2. I just saw a report that Bibi told Likud, he and Gantz are going to fail to form a coalition the fist time around. He thinks he will be given the 3rd chance (person chosen by the Knesset) and will be able form a Government out of fear of going back to the polls.

    Bibi is known for strategizing the long game. You have to be pretty desperate if that is going to be your Plan A.


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