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Sep 24, 2019

Facebook Status of the Day

this is what I said this morning to the dayanim in beis din at the end of the proceedings regarding how much child support I need to pay.
You explained very well how much I need to pay as a father responsible for his daughters and that as of now I do not have a profession but I need to take care to get myself one.
You are 100% right. It is my responsibility and I will do everything to fulfill it.
I only have one question.
Now you come and tell me this???
Our entire lives you have educated us that we do not need professions, that we can sit and learn in kollel, we can bring home 1500nis per month with ten children and it will be enough and all will be fine. And now suddenly you remember to tell me that a father needs to bring home 1400nis per child??
You, as dayanim who deal with this issue regularly and understand and recognize the problem, have a responsibility to take care that this should change, that children and bochurim should be prepared in advance for the situation in which they will need to support their future children, and not just to wait until the last moment in a crisis to remember suddenly to tell them.
And they had no answer.
As the world turns.
(one of the dayanim joked that the education we give is only valid as long as nobody gets divorced, but he too realized it is not a joke)

Sad, but he is right. Nobody is going to educate their kid sin a specific way just in case one day they might get divorced, so nothing will change, but his point is solid.

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