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Sep 26, 2019

End-Of-Year Population Statistics: Ken Yirbu

Every year before Rosh Hashana the Bureau of Statistics releases populations stats for the concluding year.

This year, 5779, Israel saw population growth of 184,000 people, 2.1% - in line with growth of previous years. This population growth is made up of 196,000 babies born during the year, 50000 people who died during the year and 38,000 immigrants who moved to Israel during the year. This year Israel broke the 9 million mark with currently 9,092,000 residents.

(I am amazed that they counted on the day the population had exactly an even number ending in 000. Had they waited another day, more babies would be born and other people would have died and the number would not be even. just joking)

The 9.092 million breakdown is made up of:
6.744 million Jews
1.907 million Arabs (Muslim and Christian)
441,000 others
not counted in this number are another 164,000 foreign residents

further, 43.2% of Jews consider themselves secular (chiloni), 22.1% traditional and not so religious, 12.8% traditional religious, 11.3% religious and 10.1% Haredi

The average Israeli male has a lifespan of 80.9 years and the average Israeli woman has a lifespan of 84.9 years.

Ken Yirbu!

more stats on various aspects of life in Israel can be obtained in the Ynet article

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