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Sep 16, 2019

Gantz giving out Ministries already

Interestingly, Benny Gantz has been giving out jobs in the coming government he plans to form. He has been announcing who will get what task in his coming government. Gabi Ashkenazi, he says, will be appointed Defense Minister. Moshe Boogie Yaalon will be designated as Education Minister. Yair Lapid will be Foreign Minister, prior to the rotation taking place. He did not say anything about Nissenkorn, but previously he had been designated for the role of Finance Minister.

I always believe in the adage of not getting ahead of yourself. First win the election and then give out the positions. But ok, he is not the only talking about what roles they want to be responsible for and so he is not so different.

The thing that makes this different is that even if Gantz does win the election, he will not be pulling in 61 seats all by himself. He is going to need to form a coalition with other political parties. Those other parties who will want to join Gantz's coalition - they are going to want some ministerial positions as well, including some of the more prominent Ministries. Gantz is not going to be able to keep them all for his party members. He might be able to be the Prime Minister and keep Defense Minister for Ashkenazi or Yaalon, but then a different party will want Education portfolio and another party will demand the Finance Ministry. And another will want the Foreign Ministry. Or whatever each party demands and what he insists on keeping - either way, Benny Gantz will not be forming a government if he plans to keep all these major portfolios within Kachol Lavan.

My theory is that he is trying to look like a winner, as if he already has won the election and is thinking about who gets what. Think like a winner to become a winner. Think like a winner and others might think of you as a winner as well.

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1 comment:

  1. On one hand, it is a horrible idea to start handing out jobs before the dust settles. On the other hand Bibi has been declaring what a Blue & White cabinet would look like. One way to counter that, is to reveal your list.

    Bibi had a policy of making sure that the most qualified Likud politicians would not receive the more important cabinet post. His excuse was he had to give them away in order to reach coalition demands. Perhaps Gantz thinks Bibi overpaid on purpose and he can build a coalition without making the same sacrifices.

    Also, it looks like a Blue & White Government could only come about in a unity Government with Likud. If it takes only 2 parties to form the Government and all the other satellite parties are bonuses, he may be able to keep more ministries for his party.


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