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Aug 27, 2020

Breslavers threatening to not vote Netanyahu

Reportedly "senior leadership" of Hassidei Breslav are saying that because of what is happening with the Uman situation they will not support Netanyahu in elections in the future, nor will they support any party that supports Netanyahu for PM.

Ukraine decided to close its borders. Netanyahu and/or Gimzu might, or might not, have been responsible or at least an impetus for that decision. Ukraine claimed Netanyahu requested it. netanyahu denied any such request. Guimzu sent a letter saying to close off Uman, and there seems to be no dispute about this but why would the Ukranians listen to a clerk with no official status to speak on behalf of Israel in any diplomatic setting?

So the Breslavers are upset at Netanyahu for stopping the Uman pilgrimage, and at UTJ and Shas for not doing much, if anything, to advocate on their behalf.

But really - who else are they going to vote for? Suddenly the Breslavers will support Yair Lapid or Avigdor Lieberman? Meretz? Maybe they will just withdraw and not vote at all, thus weakening UTJ/Shas, and by extension Netanyahu, by a few tens of thousands of votes. Even if they keep to this threat, which most likely most won't (the next elections will of course be called pikuach nefesh and the most crucial ever and torah is being threatened, etc), but even if they would - how many of them are there? Besides, Breslav is really divided into several groups with each one having different leadership and different goals - are these "senior leaders" speaking for all of Breslav, or for one small sector of Breslav?

Maybe this is why Netanyahu decided at the last moment a couple of days ago not to go to electiosn just yet. Maybe he figures in a few months from now they will all have forgotten and this issue will not be the priority at the front of their minds./...

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  1. I hate the feeling so many Israelis have that anything that happens is the governments fault/responsibility.

  2. My understanding is that in Israel, no one votes for Prime Minister. People vote for a party, the parties get a certain number of seats in the Knesset, and then someone tries to put together a government coalition.

    So not sure what it means not to support Netanyahu. I assume the Breslavers support UTJ, and then whoever from that party gets in negotiates with whoever wants to be PM for their support. So the whole thing sounds mindless.

    1. that is true, but the parties declare whop they support for prime minister, so voting for UTJ means supporting Netanyahu for prime minister (if that is who UTJ said they support, as they have done in all recent elections). so as I asked, who are they going to vote for instead of UTJ or Shas and maybe some Likud - they'll vote Yair Lapid or Meretz? It makes no sense. The only real option the threat might have is that they wont vote at all. everybody knows it isnt true, but netanyahu did cave already somewhat. This evening Netanyahu contacted Rav Arush's people and said he would hopefully solve the issue to let a few thousand people in to Uman by Monday. In the meantime, this evening Netanyahu intervened and the people stuck int he Odessa airport were let into Ujkraine to go to Uman. So Netanyahu caved at their threat, for now

  3. The actual Breslav leadership is part of the Edah Charedit and doesn't vote af all. They also don't go to Uman.


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