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Aug 11, 2020

No, the Lebanese don't really love us so much

TOI brought the tweet of a Lebanese former journalist and now media sensation in which Dima Sadek posted a video askign Nasrallah what he is talking about and basically saying the Hezzbolah has been much worse for the Lebanese people than Israel ever was.


TOI even mentions that Sadek was previously fired form her position as journalist for being critical of Nasrallah and Hezzbolah, so her attack now is nothing new and exciting.

It sounds exciting. Maybe the popular Sadek is the voice of the people. Maybe the people of Lebanon don't really want to continue the war with Israel and prefer to live side by side (or bottom to top) peacefully as good neighbors.

TOI gave over a strong impression of pro-Israel sentiment via this tweet by a popular personality. but it is not accurate. It left out another tweet from her timeline shortly after that, that shows very clearly that we have nothing to get overly excited about.

Here are the tweets:

and here is the next one, denying what TOI is trying to imply...

The first tweet above is from a Joseph Haddad with an excerpt from her original tweet and added English subtitles. I think the following is Sadek's original tweet with a much longer video. I don't know what she is saying, as it is all in Arabic with no English subtitles, but I do hear her mention Israel a few times. I suspect this is the original that the excerpt above was pulled from:

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