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Aug 25, 2020

the gemara kopp didn't get them in

According to INN (quoting Kikar, but I couldn't find the original on Kikar), two yeshiva boys came from London to Israel to learn in yeshiva here, but were not granted entry and instead were sent back to England.

According to the report, they had not attained the appropriate corona-related documentation and paperwork, so they were not allowed entry. Without waiting for their lawyers to arrive and plead for them, the Misrad Hapnim had them on a flight back to England within the hour.

According to the report, they had tried to use the "services" of a "well known businessman" to get in and were promised the paperwork would be in order in time for the flight, so they went ahead and booked everything and flew to Israel without first confirming that they got the entry permits. services and well known businessman likely mean protexia and an askan who works things out. The process is relatively straightforward - you just have to do it. There is nothing for a businessman to work out, unless you are trying to circumvent the rules.

I am sure there was no malicious intent. I remember the days of being in yeshiva. so many guys thought the rules don't apply to them and they can get around them, even if there was no reason to. It is like teenagers feeling immortal. They probably just figured they'll get to Israel and use their gemara-kopp to talk their way into the country and everything will work out.

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