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Aug 11, 2020

cereal bar in Tel Aviv

While restaurants everywhere are struggling to survive during these days of Corona, a new restaurant has opened that might tickle your fancy. Not just a new restaurant, but an entirely new genre of restaurants, a new niche, and new style, never before seen in Israel.

Just yesterday a cereal bar restaurant opened in Tel Aviv. That's right -  a cereal bar. If you feel the need to just go out for a meal, you can now debate between getting a hamburger, a steak, a Belgian Waffle, a shawarma, salmon or a bowl of cereal.  Go out to celebrate your birthday or anniversary with a meal at the cereal bar! LULU & Co will be selling bowls of cereal with a variety of toppings, along with dessert dishes such as Italian gelato (aka ice cream) and ice cream bars.

I assume they expect to sell a lot of cornflakes and Twix to cover the rent on Rothschild St.

The article on Mako is funny in that it calls it a cornflakes bar rather than just a cereal bar, as if cornflakes is the generic name for cereal, which it might actually be here in Israel!

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  1. Cornflakes IS the colloquial generic term for cereal in Israel.

  2. "I assume they expect to sell a lot of cornflakes and Twix to cover the rent on Rothschild St."

    Or they'll just do what a lot of pretentious restaurants do, overcharge. What, 100 Shekels for a bowl of cereal is too much?

  3. I saw something like this in Portugal - a restaurant which only sold cereal, they had dozens of cereals including many imported cereals. It was great for a kosher traveler as many of the cereals were not available in local supermarkets but carried an OU or other American hechsher, so if you drank the local milk, you could order a full breakfast in a disposable bowl with no kashrut concerns.

  4. There was a place in Greenwich Village that sold only peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. Comfort food for homesick NYU students, I guess.


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