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Aug 12, 2020

Rami Levi Cornflakes kashrut logo mislabeled

We all know the rule in Israel that the word "kosher" on a food product can only be used and authorized by the Rabbanut. if a food item or restaurant does not have Rabbanut certification, it cannot claim its food is kosher, using that word, even if halachically it really is kosher, and even if it is approved by twenty other kashrut organizations (all using words other than kosher).

The Chief Rabbinate's latest kashrut newsletter update includes a notice that Rami Levi brand cornflakes, produced by Nexkov Mills Foods in Denmark, bears the kashrut certifications of Badatz Chug Chatam Sofer Bnei Braq, Rabbanut of Denmark, and approved by the Chief Rabbinate of Israel. According to the Rabbanut, the Chief Rabbinate never approved this product for import and the product packaging is mislabeled and remains not approved by the Chief Rabbinate.

What I don't know, and what the update does not tell us, and what we often cannot know in such situations, is, is the entire thing mislabeled - the Rabinate of Denmark as well does not authorize it? The Chug Chatam Sofer of Bnei Braq is as well not really authorizing it? Or do they certify the product but the Rabbanut does not? Meaning, do we know it is kosher just the importer cannot use the word or are all the hechshers on the box false/mistaken? The Rabbinate of Denmark is not beholden tot he rules of the Israeli Rabbanut regarding using the word kosher, but the Chug Chatam Sofer is - so perhaps it is really kosher, but the importer cannot say so on the label, or perhaps the entire label is problematic and nothing can be trusted.

We have the statement of the Chief Rabbinate. I would like to see if Chug Chatam Sofer issues a statement about this as well and clarifies if they do authorize it (of course, not using the word kosher) or if that is also mislabeled.

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