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Aug 23, 2020

Gimzu given no chances for success

I am not sure what the purpose in having Roni Gimzu (Gamzu) as "Corona Projector" is. Every opinion he expresses as to steps that need to be taken to slow down or stop the spread of CoronaVirus is attacked and undermined by the entire Corona cabinet. If I were Gimzu, I would resign the position. Gimzu is nothing but a figurehead fall guy for the Ministers to blame everything on and accuse him of hatred and incitement.

The funniest and most ironic is Minister Yaakov Litzman. Litzman is angry and screaming about Gimzu's talk about a possible (as of now undecided) closure, originally discussed for the end of August and now being discussed for the High Holiday season, about possible closures of "red"cities, and about keeping the numbers allowed in shuls low. Yet when Yaakov Litzman was in charge of the Health Ministry he ordered a general closure and lockdown, he shut the shuls, he shut down Haredi cities in attempts to stop the spread of the virus.

Either give Gimzu, or whoever might replace him, the power and authority to put into action plans to stop/slow the virus or stop the farce of having him in charge.


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