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Aug 16, 2020

Taylor's Prism (Episode 11) - City of David: Bringing the Bible to Life (video)

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  1. That doesn't seem to corroborate the story in Tanach at all. Rather, it's possible to say that it's a way for the Assyrians to save face to their people.

    The danger of using archaeology for people without a strong Jewish background is that people start to believe historians and archaeologists instead of what it says in Tanach. This is part of the reason one needs to have a strong Jewish background before delving into these חכמות.

  2. Just proves how they don't want the truth out. I was just sending out my comment when they never let it go through and was off this blog page. No coincidence. I agreed 100% with Yaak's excellent comment. The 185,000 Assyrian soldiers went to sleep so that they can storm the walls of Yerushalayim early in the morning, but ALL 185,000 soldiers never woke up! We, Jews, know that Hashem Alone runs this world and when the whole nation unites and prays, H' Answers Us! Religious Jews do not become archeologists because we do not need proof - The Torah is our Proof and every letter is holy! The Torah is the only TRUTH in this world of Sheker!

  3. What's going on? This is third try to comment here on this topic. Want to say that Yaak is 100% right! The 185,000 Assyrian soldiers went to sleep at night to be ready to wage war against King Chizkiyahu and Yerushalayim, in the early morning. ALL 185,000 soldiers NEVER WOKE UP from that night of sleep! King Chizkiyahu was one of the most (or most) righteous of the Kings of Judea, descendant of King David. The Jews at that time were all righteous and every Jewish man, woman and child were knowledgable in Torah. H' Hearkened to their prayers! Orthodox Jews do not become archeologists because we have the Proof of Torah and do not need man's version of evidence. The Only Truth in this world of 'sheker' is our 'HOLY TORAH'.


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