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Aug 23, 2020

The irony of Litzman vs Gimzu

So Minister Yaakov Litzman called on Professor Roni Gimzu to resign this evening. He made this call saying that Gimzu overstepped his authority and has not been successful in anything and has discriminated against the Haredi community. Litzman was upset that Gimzu wrote to the President of Ukraine instructing or requesting that they not allow flights to Uman for Rosh Hashana. How dare a clerk of the Israeli government write to a foreign president and give hi instructions on what to do!!??

As I said earlier, I happen to agree with Litzman that Gimzu should resign, but not for the same reasons. In my opinion Gimzu should resign because he is being undermined every step of the way, and he is not being given any chance to succeed. 

And now, the news is reporting that in a meeting this evening between Ministers Deri and Litzman with Prime Minister Netanyahu and Professor Gimzu about the Uman situation, Minister Litzman said that Netanyahu should fire Gimzu because he broke the law. (Netnayhu reportedly responded that Gimzu need not be fired but he should stop acting independently).  

That's rich. 

While I am not quite sure what law Gimzu broke, let us not forget that Litzman himself is under investigation for breaking the law, and here he is calling for Gimzu to be fired for breaking a law without any investigation.... 

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