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Aug 23, 2020

Mayor of Tel Aviv arranges extra allowances for High Holiday services

Who would have thought that Ron Huldai, the atheist mayor of Tel Aviv, would beat all the Haredi and religious mayors and ministers to a solution for the High Holiday services?

The City of Tel Aviv publicized their decision today that for the upcoming holiday season in Tishrei, Rosh Hashana through Sukkos, the City of Tel Aviv will allow shuls, in coordination with the City Religious Council, to expand its space and hold services in the public areas adjacent to the shuls. Additionally, the City will assist, when necessary, in dealing with logistical issues, such as electricity hookups, distribution of chairs, etc.

The City of Tel Aviv has 450 shuls and in the coming days the Religious Council will map out the needs of the different communities across the city. Considering the need to divide minyanim, the City will also run free courses in the coming weeks to train people to blow shofar, as most communities only have one person trained for shofar blowing. 

Services will be held as per the Ministry of Health guidelines with limitations of participants, but the shuls will be able to split into multiple minyanim, using the public space adjacent to the shuls.

Ron Huldai, the Mayor of Tel Aviv, said, the right to prayer and religious congregation is a basic right and we will do everything to enable tens of thousands of people who want to pray in the city and fulfill their obligations of the holidays, even under the restrictions of health. Fro the early days of the first Hebrew city, Jewish tradition was of greatest importance in our daily lives. As the first mayor of Tel Aviv, Meir Dizingoff, said "we strive to have the spirit of Judaism hovering over our work and this city - so there should reign a spirit of brotherhood, peace and love."

I know Aryeh Deri is talking about a plan to allow minyanim to use schools and other public buildings for minyanim for the upcoming holidays. Hopefully that will work out as well.

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