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Aug 16, 2020

Turkey upset at peace deal with United Arab Emirates

What is the best response to the Israel-United Arab Emirates peace deal?

I would vote for the response of Turkey. 

Turkish President Erdogan blasted the deal, even threatening to suspend relation with the UAE over the peace deal with Israel. Turkey called it a betrayal of the Palestinian cause.

Why do I think this is the best response?

Because Turkey has diplomatic relations with Israel, despite their support for the Palestinian people. Turkey has an embassy in Israel, and Israel has one in Turkey. Turkey's strong commitment to the Palestinian cause has not forced themselves to break off relations with Israel - nor did it prevent them from recognizing the State of Israel in 1949 and upgrading the level of relations many times since then to the point of establishing an official embassy in 1980, despite some rocky moments.

So Turkey can have relations with Israel, despite its support for the Palestinians, but UAE cannot?

And Turkey threatened to suspend relations with UAE, but they didn't threaten to suspend relations with Israel...

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