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Aug 12, 2020

Star Wars in Israel

Star Wars comes to Israel!

Not in the movie theaters, but in the IDF!

According to Israel Hayom, the IDF will be using a new laser system along the Gaza border that will shoot down incendiary balloons sent by Hamas into Israel to burn fields, and to cause damage and harm to Israelis and their property.

Light Blade sounds really cool and I would like to volunteer for the IDF and be appointed to the Light Blade crew so I can use the laser to shoot at things. Anyone know how I do that?

Similar to using Iron Dome to shoot down Kassam rocket, this laser will be another solution that costs millions to deal with a problem that costs the other side pennies. But it causes a lot of damage financially on our side, and we dont have a solution that costs pennies, so it is what it is and I am happy we have a solution...

and soon we'll all have those light sabers

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