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Aug 10, 2020

the worst part about goign to new elections

The current crisis that might lead to dispersion of the Knesset and new elections could be worse than we originally thought. As bad as it is for the country to go to elections again, Corona is really throwing a wrench into everything.

Elections during Corona regulations would be a logistical nightmare - they would have to figure out how to keep voters separated enough so nobody is at risk, how to keep the polling stations disinfected at all times, how to tally the ballots without the counters and supervisors and observers all crowding around keeping an eye on each other and getting each other sick...

Even though the move has not yet been made to bring about new elections, the electoral board is already trying to figure out how to deal with possible elections during Corona days and are looking into various possibilities. It seems, according to Globes, the board is seriously considering a proposal that would spread out the voting over several days, to keep voter presence in the polling stations to a minimum at any given time. 

I would add that the electoral board should tell each voter not just which station to vote in, as it always does, but what day and what time of day to come vote. Obviously that would require finding a way to deal with people who are not able to vote at the designated time, but solutions to that do not seem to be too big an obstacle to overcome.

The biggest problem would be that with voting spread out over several days, it seems likely the election vacation day would be canceled. Maybe all 3 or 4 days will be turned into vacation days but that seems unlikely. Elections with no vacation? a shonda!

If they take my idea about designating each voter with a specific day and time, they could determine that each voters day for voting will be a vacation day for him or her. It isn't the same thing as everyone, the entire nation, celebrating democracy together, but I think we would manage fine. If they don't do that and just tell everyone to vote over the course of these three days, I don't see how they also turn one of those days into a vacation day - though it seems likely to me that in such a scenario almost everyone will vote on the last day...

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