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Jun 20, 2022

Proposed law: electric water pumps on Shabbos

It seems a new feature in buildings today, though it does seem strange this is a new feature and not something that has been in use for a long time already, is an electric water pump system so the apartments on the higher floors will have good water pressure.

This new type of pump system causes a problem for religious residents in these buildings, as running the water on Shabbos causes the electric pump to activate. Being a direct result, it is possibly chilul shabbos to run the water in such an environment. I do not know if there is a range of opinions no this matter, nor do I know how these pumps work and maybe it is only a chumra to not use it on Shabbos or whatever, but it exists and at least some consider it a problem for Shabbos.

Hamechadesh is reporting that MK Yaakov Asher (UTJ) has proposed a new law that would make these pump systems similar to Shabbos elevators. 

The law allows any resident in a building to have a shabbos elevator installed without needing the permission of any of the other residents, if s/he is willing to pay for it.  The same is true for the building lighting systems. The law never included the water systems, so shomer shabbos residents in affected buildings are having a difficult time arranging this.

Asher's proposal, if passed into law, would allow a concerned resident to install such a system int he building if he is willing to pay out of pocket, without requiring him to obtain x number of signatures from the neighbors.

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  1. MK Asher is proposing a law to allow any resident to install a pump system which involves chillul Shabbos?

    1. maybe I wasnt clear. it seems new water pump systems are electric and a problem for shabbos observant people. MK Asher is proposing to allow a shabbos mode installation that will allow it to be used on Shabbos. like a shabbos elevator but for the water pump.


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