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Jun 26, 2022

Proposed Law: National Service for affirmative action

This past week has seen a slurry of law proposals trying to get in under the deadline of the government dispersing.

MK Nir Barkat (Likud) has proposed an interesting law.. Barkat's proposal is that affirmative action, such as regarding university acceptance and public sector hiring, will only apply to  people who have served the country, either via serving in the IDF or in Sherut Leumi, National Service.

Barkat explains that it makes no sense that people who did not serve the country and then wave the Palestinian flag and call out against the State of Israel should get priority acceptance to jobs and university. This is in light of the recent hullabaloo of Arabs waving the PLO flag, especially in Jerusalem and on Har Habayit.
source: INN

What makes this an especially interesting proposal is that it is sure to upset the Likud's natural partners, UTJ (and Shas but less so), who have stood by the Likud over the past few years through thick and thin.. I wait to see the reactions to this..

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  1. Well presumably not many of their constituents go to university. Do many go to public sector jobs?
    And do Charedim even have affirmative action?

    1. so while a nice amount go to university, UTJ doesnt like it so wouldnt be upset at that. Jobs in the public sector is another thing - this was one of Gafni's pet projects and he always complains about discrimination in jobs in the public sector against Haredim even though there is some sort of affirmative action in place for this

    2. Yes, charedim get affirmative action. And they get lots of public sector jobs, especially in the religion field, or at least sinecures.

      And I'm sure Barkat will exempt them from this.

      What about those of us who made aliyah older, though?


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