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Jun 13, 2022

big fines for electric bikes and scooters

The Knesset Economics Committee approved a request by the Ministry of Transportation to adjust the fines for using electric transportation devices such as electric bikes , scooters, Segways and hoverboards.

According to the new regulations just approved, and going into effect immediately, 1000nis fines will be levied on anyone under 16 using these devices, 1000nis fines for riding these devices without a helmet, and 1000nis fines for using devices that do not meet the standards required.

Additionally, other, smaller, fines were also approved, such as 750nis for (16+) riders who have not completed appropriate training, 250nis for blocking a parking spot, and a 1000nis fine for blocking a handicapped parking spot. The existing fine of 250nis for riding a bike not up to standard is being expanded to the other devices as well.
source: JDN

These things have really become a hazard and the authorities are trying to deal with them. I just dont know how the enforcement can be effective. Without license plates, how do they keep track of what is what? and without licenses how do they keep track of who was trained and who was not?. Obviously fines for riding without a helmet are easier to manage and should be pretty straightforward, but when they stop a kid for riding, how are they going to identify the kid - kids under 16 dont have teudat zehut cards! If a scooter is blocking a parking spot, how will they know who to fine? 

Only kids over 16 will be able to ride hoverboards? there goes the entire industry!

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1 comment:

  1. Where i live quite a few have been injured by CHILDREN riding on the sidewalk, which is against the law!!!


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