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Jun 29, 2022

Unilever caves in Israel

Big news. 

Unilever has decided to ignore the wish of Ben and Jerry's to divest from Israel and instead has decided to renew the contract for Israel production and distribution of Ben & Jerry's ice cream with Avi Zinger and he will be allowed to continue his operations as he always has, including selling the ice cream in Judea and Samaria, aka the West Bank. They also explicitly repudiated and disavowed the BDS movement

This is a big win. 

A lot of people put a lot of pressure on them for the entire past year over this. 

It is somewhat amazing how we will come together and stay focused on the goal for ice cream.

Now we need to celebrate with having Ben & Jerry's Israel come up with a new flavor, maybe based on Manischewitz's new fish dogs with a chrein swirl.

I do wonder if now I can stop buying the ice cream out of solidarity with Ben & Jerry's Israel, while those abroad can now start buying it again....

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  1. There were huge out cries in USA about Ben and Jerry's. I specifically spoke to the manager at KEY FOOD, 7/11 and many other stores. We publicized and many ppl did not buy Ben and Jerry's because of this boycott. It had absolutely NOTHING to do with ice cream it had to do with stopping, curtailing and reducing the effects of the BDS campaign. Kudos to all those who worked non-stop with government offices regarding pension plans and letters to the Vermont owners of Ben & Jerry's and never gave up. Today is a day to celebrate success.

  2. Yes but something still going on.
    They cam only use the writing in Hebrew & Arabic. They can't use the English? What about the logo?

    1. That's a weird phrasing. I think it may mean they're the *only* ones who can market in those languages?

    2. This is copied from the Times of Israel site. I saw it elsewhere too.

      "Zinger and his company, American Quality Products (AQP), has also acquired the exclusive rights to the Ben & Jerry’s logo in Hebrew and Arabic, but will cease using the English branding."

  3. Gefilte Fish Horseradish Swirl Ice Cream. Gevald.


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