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Jun 12, 2022

goodbye Yaakov Litzman

So Yaakov Litzman, former MK from UTJ, is gone from public service, at least in the Knesset realm.

He is being replaced by Gur chassid Yitzchak Goldknopf, so I am not sure if before too long we will be pining for the days of Yaakov Litzman as MK or if this will work out well.

Either way. what he did to assist Malka Leifer avoid justice and trials (which he admitted to as part of the plea bargain) was pretty horrendous

Litzman was like a yoyo throughout his ministerial career seeing heights  in public surveys as the most popular minister and also seeing lows as among the most reviled. Litzman claims the Left did not like his spodik when he famously appeared at a Corona press conference on a Saturday night in full Gur regalia including the spodik and turned on him. He does not talk about the tough regulations he was imposing on the Israeli public with tight lockdowns and tough mask mandates, and he himself breaking his own rules, as alternative reasons for the turn in public opinion. Like all ministers, or at least like most, Litzman surely did some positive things, especially in his roles as Health Minister (and Deputy Minister) increasing MRis, surprise hospital evaluation visits, free dental care for kids, etc... and some less so. He himself likes to focus on how much he helped individuals, whoever asked no matter from which sector of Israeli society. The Haredi MKs like to treat the position of MK as a vaad bayit of sorts,. where they can help individuals more than helping the public with improving policy, and Litzman did a lot of that, and couches his assistance to Leifer as just helping someone in need, as if it was so innocent even though it entailed pressuring a psychiatrist to change his medical opinion on her ability to stand trial.

I doubt we have seen the last of Yaakov Litzman. He is too accomplished and capable to just ride away into the sunset. 

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  1. http://theunorthodoxjew.blogspot.com/2022/06/guess-what-litzman-lied-litzman-said-in.html?m=1

  2. The spodik wasn't the problem at that press conference. The problem was that he opened his mouth. After that they decided it was best for other people to talk.

    Remember that his excuse for visiting Berland in jail was that he was visiting a sick individual as Health Minister, as if he visited every sick person in the country.


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