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Jun 15, 2022

Liberty of Restrictions

Aryeh Deri has Shas, via MK Arbel, proposing a law called "The Law for the Protection of the Liberty of Telephones". Without knowing the details of the proposal, I am guessing this would give the Haredi community the ability to bring back the "koma ksheira" that controlled the kosher phone industry.

Besides for the weirdness and humor in the name - protection of the liberty of telephones - I do find it funny and ironic that the protection of the liberty of telephones is being created to restrict people form using phones the way they might want to. Again, if people want kosher phones, they can get them. Kosher phones were not banned. The system controlling the phones not allowing competition and restricting access to things you might or might not want is what was stopped but the law to protect liberty of telephones would be used to bring back those systems specifically meant to add restrictions to large sectors of Israeli society (that he says in the proposal he is trying to protect).

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