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Jun 14, 2022

Quote of the Day

If there were a button you could press that would make all the Arabs disappear, that would send them on an express train to Switzerland — may they live amazing lives there, I wish them all the best in the world — I would press that button..There is no such button. Apparently we were destined to exist here [together] on this land in some form

  -- Deputy Minister of Religious Affairs Matan Kahane, speaking to students in Efrat

Kahane's words, taken out of context and publicized with just the part of pushing a button to make Arabs disappear, caused a bit of a stir, but the above is what he actually said, and there is not really anything wrong with that (even if you disagree with the approach, he isnt saying to destroy the Arabs, he isnt calling for genocide, he is saying a solution to make them go away is only theoretical and realistically we have to find a way to live together)

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  1. Silly and gullible
    Seems they were successful

    The purpose of the commotion - by the leftist oriented media - is through making an uproar against him fully grasping the knee jerk typical reaction from those to the Right would be to defend such comments insidiously making him more popular than this unworthy deserves

  2. Woe unto those with so little emunah in Hashem. Hashem gave the Land to the Bnai Yisroel (bnai Yaakov) and no other. This religious affairs guy is faaithless.

    1. As if it is carte blanche

      The bigger problem is that when we are unworthy we lose that
      Which possibly subliminally is what he & most others like him desire

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.


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