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Jun 12, 2022

Rabbanut proposal to Lebanese avreich

the story that keeps on giving... 

remember Eli Hawila, the Lebanese avreich that got married and then his wife's family discovered he was not even Jewish? And then he discovered he had been Jewish all along but did a conversion lchumra?

There is a new development in his situation.

According to Kikar, Hawila appeared before the beis din of the Rabbanut in Israel. Hawila insisted he is Jewish and has been Jewish all along, descended from Jewish women, and that after the incident with his wife he performed a conversion lchumra in the USA.

The Rabbanut beis din proposed that he divorce his wife lchumra - just in case, just in case he really was Jewish all along.

Hawila reportedly refused saying he was and is Jewish and his conversion is only lchumra, so he was and remains married to his wife.

It looks like we might have an aguna situation developing before our eyes. Hopefully it wont become that.

Hawila says that his wife has agreed to remain married to him if he could prove he is Jewish, even though her family disagrees.

The Rabbanut left him with two options for now - either divorce her or have another wedding lchumra (if she agrees) just in case he was not Jewish and the conversion is good.

I wonder how that works as the Syrian comunity has ane dict against marrying converts. This wedding, should it happen, would be in case he is a convert, but if he is, she would not be allowed to marry him. I wonder if this is a situation in which the community rabbis would allow it despite the edict or if they would disallow it unless he is considered born-a-jew and not a convert.

We wait for further updates

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  1. What's the difference between a divorce l'chumra and a plain old divorce? In either case, the man is giving his wife a get. Does it posul the get if he insists he is 100% Jewish, and the beis din thinks, he probably isn't, but we want to be sure?
    Otherwise, just let him do the get. The woman will be free to marry anyone but a Cohen.

    1. If he's not Jewish, she doesn't need a get. Giving her one would therefore be "l'chumra."

  2. I understand that that is the difference in terms of why he would be giving it. But there is no difference in the actual giving of it.

    Here the man wants to give a get, as a full-fledged Jew. The Beis Din wants him to give the get as a safeik Jew. Either way, the woman gets a get and is freed from being an agunah. AFAIK there is no practical different. So why not just go through with it? He can think what he wants, and so can beis din.

    1. he actually doesnt want to give it at all. he wants to stay married to her

  3. He was emotionally abusive to her. There is a long interview with her online. I watched it. I think it is with Yad Lachim. If he truly loved her, he would give her the get that she wants. It's clear from the interview with her that she wants nothing to do with him. I don't know why the Rabbanut is accepting the word of someone who is a proven liar. The fact that he is refusing to give a get lchumra is also abusive. He disgusts me. He destroyed an innocent woman's life and keeps on doing it. The fact that people treat this liar like a celebrity is also disgusting.


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