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Jun 30, 2022

call their bluff and put an end to this

This has gotten so silly. 

The Opposition, that has wanted the dissolution of the Knesset for so long, has been preventing it, holding up the final vote for a few days tryign to horse trade to get some other laws canceled or passed in exchange for support for this. The government has more or less given up and has given in on some things but not on others, yet - they seem to be capitulating on a little mroe every few hours, though it isnt good enough for the opposition that continues to hold out.

In my opinion the government should call their bluff and cancel the entire dissolution. Tell the Opposition - you dont want to support it, dont support it, we are back in business. Get back to the business of running the country and try again in a few weeks. Stop giving in on every demand to reverse decisions you guys made while in government. They dont want to cancel the dissolution, they just wan tto get as much out of you as possible before it happens - say you arent playing that game any more and see what happens.

I know, Judea and Samaria is on the line because the deadline is end of the month. So what? Call their bluff and let it happen.

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