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Jun 27, 2022

is it immoral or not?

One of the main attacks on Naftali Bennett over the past year by the Opposition is that as leader of a party of 6 seats (which over the course of the year also got increasingly smaller) it is immoral for him to Prime Minister and it is opportunistic and taking advantage of the situation. 

I find it somewhat ironic that some in the Opposition, after spending a year screaming at Bennett for this, are willing to find an alternative government by offering either Gideon Saar or Benny Gantz the first round of a rotation arrangement as Prime Minister. And now UTJ is making some noises as well suggesting that if Netanyahu should fail to achieve the support of 61 Knesset members after the election, they would no longer remain loyal to him but would look for alternatives, including recommending Benny Gantz as Prime Minister.

So when Bennett did it, it was immoral, but when it is good for them it is perfectly legitimate. Maybe when Bennett did it they considered it immoral because it left them behind and it really isnt immoral...

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  1. It doesn't matter how small the party of the candidate is, or even if he has a party. If a majority of the Knesset vote him in as Prime Minister, then he is. In that case, it is as if the parties all nominated him as their candidate. That sounds moral to me.

  2. It's immoral if the other guy does it. If I do it, it's perfectly moral. That's a very simple rule to apply.


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