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Jun 20, 2022

missing young man

I dont know much about this case, but I hope he was not kidnapped or in some sort of danger but just decided to be independent and go traveling or whatever but is safe and sound.. even if so he is worrying his parents and family and should have at least left them a note of some sort to not worry, he is traveling, exploring, etc.

Moshe Kleinerman, 16 years old, has been missing since March 25, 2022. he was last seen in the area of Meron

A reward has been posted for information leading to the discovery of his whereabouts.

There are now rumors that he was seen a month ago in Kerestir in Hungary but that has not yet been confirmed. 

Maybe someone out there has seen this young man or can spread the picture around and bring word back. Hopefully he is safe.

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  1. Not just a month, other sites say he's missing about 3 months.

    "The last time that Moishy was seen was on Friday, 22 Adar Sheni in the Meron region"

    1. sorry, corrected. I meant to write March, not May


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