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Jun 27, 2022

Quote of the Day

this is a double, as both are connected and needed for this...

The Haredim are making a massive mistake saying they will recommend Gantz. They are hurting their own chances to be in the next coalition. The Haredim have a maximum ceiling of 16 mandates, only the Likud can bring in the mandates to complete a government of 61... The Haredim will sit with as int he coalition as good children..

  -- MK Miki Zohar (Likud)

Actually I see that in the Likud they are all good children. Whoever speaks out of turn gets slapped down. What he said was not proper, not appropriate, and not friendly

  -- MK Moshe Gafni (UTJ), in response to MK Zohar

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1 comment:

  1. "not proper, not appropriate, and not friendly"

    But true.


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