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Aug 9, 2022

Another criminal running in Likud primaries

David Laniado has been fighting to be able to run in the Likud primaries tomorrow. Netanyahu petitioned the Likud court system to ban cancel Laniado's candidacy due to a conviction in 2011 for breaking into homes, and for hiding a previous crime of hitting a woman.

The court decided that Laniado can run and they cannot bar him from running due to a crime of which the statue of limitations has already passed. While Netanyahu is appealing the decision, he is encouraging voters to not vote for Laniado but to vote for other candidates who will not hurt the Likud's image.

Interesting that Laniado was not framed. Interesting that Laniado is not innocent with the justice system just having tried to bring him down. Interesting that Netanyahu does not want a convicted felon on the list that will hurt the Likud image but he is fine working alongside Aryeh Deri (a convicted felon), along with other Likud members who are also convicted felons (like Tzachi Hanegbi) and others whow ere indicted such as Haim Katz and David Biton. And he was close with Yaakov Litzman who was in Knesset until his recent plea deal. Along with others over the years. And let's not forget that Bibi himself was indicted and is on trial for various crimes. But Laniado's conviction from 11 years ago will make the Likud look bad. 

And let's not forget Bibi's argument to let the people decide - preventing someone from running is undemocratic and it should be the people that decide who should represent them...

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  1. From John Cleese: The best line from the Watergate affair came when Ron Ziegler, Nixon's press secretary, caught out in a blatant lie, replied " That statement is no longer operative "


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