Aug 31, 2009

2 approaches to Madonna

Two leading Kabbalists have spoken up in regards to the current visit to Israel by Madonna, a.k.a. Esther, and the two concerts she will be performing while here. They each took a different approach in their statements.

Rav Batzri simply stated that Madonna is prohibited from performing her concerts, along with studying Torah and Kabala...

Kabbalah refers to spiritually deep understanding in Judaism, and even Jews are discouraged from studying it until they are deemed mature enough to handle the subject. Jewish law also forbids men from hearing a woman sing. Therefore, Madonna’s concert appearances in Israel are against Jewish law, said Rabbi Batzri, head of the Shalom Yeshiva in Jerusalem.

“No one can study Torah unless he or she is converting to Judaism," he explained to Arutz-7's Hebrew news site. Madonna’s ostensible plunge into Kabbalah several years has been widely condemned by Torah scholars. Rabbi Batzri said Sunday, however, “There is no connection between what the singer learns and true Kabbalah. The foundations of Kabbalah are the Tree of Life…that no one can learn without abstention.”

He added that learning Jewish mysticism is a spiritual path towards “practical Kabbalah” and that learning it means one must act against certain natural instincts. Madonna’s performances are stacked with sexual innuendoes; her private appearance for Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish New Year, two years ago was met with disgust by rabbis and Jewish thinkers.

Rav Shmuel Eliyahu, rav of Tzfat (one of Madonna's prime targets for her visit because of the kabbalistic history associated with Tzfat), and Kabbalist, published a letter written to Madonna. In his letter he doesn't prohibit her from singing or visiting. Instead, he takes the approach of appealing to her to be considerate of the sensitivities of the Torah and Kabbala. He describes the goals of the Kabbala and says she clearly knows as well, and therefore it behooves her to be sensitive and be more modest and tzanua in her upcoming performances.


  1. Personally, I agree with the approach of the 99.99999% of the Rabbonim:

    Ignore her.

    She won't listen anyway - putting out proclamations to "Esther" is only a good PR trick to get into the newspaper. My respect for these 2 rabbis has just dipped a bit lower.

  2. I once read that that woman doesn't even let her own daughter watch TV because she doesn't want the child contaminated. So she knows all too well what she's marketing.


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