Aug 24, 2009

Jews on Har HaBayit

It seems the Arab League has denounced, or condemned, the Jews ascending Har Habayit, and specifically praying there openly yesterday.

Normally the police do not allow Jews to pray, or even to bring prayer books in pockets, or even to close ones eyes and move lips prayibg silently, on Har Habayit. Even though the courts have allowed it, they have left it to the discretion of the police to decide it as an issue of public safety. The police say they are concerned about provoking riots among the Arabs. And the result is that in the holiest place in the world, in Israel, for Jews, Jews are not allowed to pray.

Yet yesterday the Arab League condemned Jews praying on har Habayit.

Have the police changed their stand on the issue of praying on Har HaBayit??

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